A still very much in business drive-in theater. There were ruins of many more along the way.

A fellow roadie.

This is a replica of an old gas station that was built to honor the builder's wife in Paris Springs, MO.

There are many, many vacant and abandoned structures that were once motels, gas stations, and stores. Long gone, nothing but ghosts there now.

A very nice leisurely drive in western Missouri and I have the road to myself for now.

And another mural. They certainly were plentiful.

Wild Bill Hickock shot someone during a card game on this square in Springfield, MO.
Giant bowling pin. Why? Why not?

I almost wish I could have done the driving at night so that I could see all the neat neon signs. This motel is highly recommended and I regret not staying here.

Another cool mural.

1/4 scale model of the Hubble telescope which is named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble who is from this town, Marshfield.

A vintage motel that is high in demand.

We crossed a lot of bridges. And we stopped at most them to have a look around.

Rock frog somewhere in Missouri.

The arch over this driveway was built by an individual as a monument to the Trail of Tears.

The road deadends again.

It took me a while to find these cabins.

Just think, they were once a welcome place to rest.

They aren't so modern anymore.

John's Modern Cabins
A later 4 lane alignment of 66 but even this was bypassed by the interstate. This was paved with concrete that gave it the thump-thump sound. See the built-in curbs on the sides.

Rain turned to fog as I explored another dead end.

Nathan says, "Can we buy it?" He was referring to the 1940 Packard. I don't how many times I was asked this question while we were gone!

A brief period of rain while driving on the frontage road that was once 66 alongside the interstate.

Meramec Caverns that was advertised on barnsides for miles around. This was a Jesse James hideout. We chose not to go inside here either. I could be gone another 2 months and still not see everything!

The Arch. We didn't go to the top but stood in awe at the bottom of it. This thing is huge!

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Downtown St. Louis in the distance. You can just barely see the Gateway Arch. St. Louis is also home to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. I had a strawberry shake and was very tempted to drive the long way around just to have another one on my way home. I've never had a milkshake that good before!

Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River now closed to vehicles except on special occassions. It's unique in that it has a 22 degree turn in the middle of it.
On the road again and a later alignment of 66.